Copperworks Housing Association is registered charity that owns and manages 271 homes.  We are managed by a voluntary Management Committee comprising of 13 local residents who employ staff to carry out the day to day work of the Association.

We are based in Royston in the North East of Glasgow.  The map below shows where the Association is based.


We are a not for profit organisation and exist to provide high quality housing and associated services in an efficient and friendly way.  Any surpluses made are re-invested in our properties and used to ensure the sustainability of our homes and the continued provision of high quality services.

Whilst our business focus is on housing, we know that a range of other local services are essential to ensure the best possible quality of life for our customers.  We therefore work closely with others, building relationships and strategic partnerships to maximise benefits for the local community.

The Association is governed by a Management Committee, where members work in a voluntary capacity to oversee the running of the organisation and make key strategic decisions. The Management Committee is mainly made up of local people who have been elected by members at the Annual General Meetings held in September of each year. There are currently 13 members on the Management Committee who meet on a regular basis to attend to the business of the Association. Our achievements are underpinned by the skills, knowledge and experience of our Committee members where they undertake training to meet the requirements of their role and effectively manage the Association.

Sincere thanks go to the Co-operative and Business Development Fund at Glasgow City Council who funded the development of this site.

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    Universal Credit – what you need to know   The UK Government will soon introduce the full service version of Universal Credit (UC) in Aberdeen, Glasgow, East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire.   This will mean many more Spire View tenants having to claim UC.  UC is designed to replace Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance (income-related) and Jobseekers Allowance (income-based).   Universal Credit (UC) full service roll-out is scheduled for Springburn job centre on 31st of October 2018.   If you attend this job centre to either make a claim for the first time or you have had a change in your circumstances (you have stopped working, change in any of your benefits) you will have to claim UC.  You will not need to apply for UC if you are old enough to qualify for Pension Credit or if you are responsible for three of more children.   UC claims have to be made and managed online; therefore you will need access to a computer, an email address and a bank account to be able to make a claim.  However, in certain circumstances tenants can make an application for UC over the phone – if you are unsure please phone 552 7928 to make an appointment with the money advisor.   The first payment of UC will not normally be made until 5 weeks after the date of claim and further payments will include a housing element, which is intended to cover your monthly rent payment.  This will be paid directly to you rather than Spire View; therefore you must make sure that you use this money to pay your rent in full and on time.  In Scotland, new UC claimants will be offered the option of having their housing element paid direct to their landlord and we encourage you to do this, please contact office for details.   Also, you can request an advance payment of UC if you will find it difficult to wait for your first payment, though this would need to be paid back within 6 or 12 months.   Top tips if claiming UC:   ·         Phone 552 7928 to make arrangements to pay your rent ·         Remember to apply for Council Tax Reduction through Glasgow City Council as UC does not include any amount to cover Council Tax payments ·         If you do not understand how your award has been calculated or your benefit is sanctioned/reduced for any other reason, phone 552 7928 to make appointment with money advisor  
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