What We Will Maintain


External areas that the Association will maintain include items such as external walls, roofs (including chimneys and flues), gutters, downpipes, windows, close and other external doors.

Internal Common Areas

Internal common areas include items such as any common entrance, stairs, halls, passageways and any other communal areas.

Internal Fixtures & Fittings

We will maintain fixtures and fittings that were provided within your home by us. This includes kitchen and bathroom fixtures/fittings, windows and doors, your heating system, communal TV aerial, gas pipework, water pipes, electrical wiring within your home and any hard wired smoke detection system.

Environmental Areas

The Association will carry out repairs to environmental areas within our ownership including hard and soft landscaping, pathways, drainage, boundary walls, fences, parking bays, bin store areas and drying areas.

How We Will Maintain Your Property

We will maintain your home by employing suitably qualified contractors who we have deemed to have the appropriate quality of workmanship and affordable costs to provide a first class, value for money service to our tenants.

Repair Types and Timescales

The Association operates these types of repairs:


Reactive repairs are repairs carried out on a day to day basis in response to a maintenance issue which needs to be fixed within a reasonable period of time and cannot be held back and included in a more cost effective planned maintenance contract.

There are three categories of reactive repair:   


Repairs will be deemed to be an emergency if they could result in serious damage to the building or pose a threat to the health and safety of our tenants e.g. gas leaks, flooding, full loss of heating or power.

The timescale for completing an emergency repair is 4 hours. This time period is to make the situation safe. This may mean that the repair is fully completed.  However, it could also mean that follow-up works are required to finish the repair. Any follow up work will be ordered as an urgent or routine repair in line with urgency of the repair.


Urgent repairs are those repairs which may cause significant inconvenience to tenants or may cause deterioration of the property over time. Situations such as partial loss of heating or power, defective electrical fitments or loss of television signal.

The timescale for completing urgent repairs is 24 hours.


Routine repairs are those repairs which are outwith the emergency and urgent definitions which can wait slightly longer. Examples include damaged drawers in kitchen units, dripping taps, damaged plasterwork.

The timescale for completion routine repairs is 5 working days.


The Association does not operate an appointment system but our contractors will endeavour to accommodate a morning or afternoon appointment. However, this is not always possible and if so, you will be advised of this when reporting the repair.

Please note that public holidays will not be considered a working day.

Pre and Post Inspections

When you report a repair, there may be a requirement for our maintenance staff to carry out a pre-inspection to determine the full extent of what is required and to make sure that we are instructing the appropriate contractor. An appropriate appointment will be arranged with you, normally during working hours, to carry out this pre-inspection.

Following completion of a repair, our maintenance staff may wish to carry out a post-inspection to inspect the quality of work and to ensure tenants are satisfied.  You can also request a post-inspection visit if you are unhappy with the quality of the work carried out.


Cyclical repairs are those conducted on an annual basis such as gas safety checks, smoke detector checks, roof gutter cleaning and anchor bolt testing

Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance works are planned programmes of work which are conducted to ensure the sustainability of the condition of our properties both externally and internally. These programmes are planned based on the life cycle of particular elements and include items such as kitchen and bathroom replacements, boiler replacements, painterworks, electrical testing and inspections.

Medical Adaptations

The Association receives an annual funding allocation from Glasgow City Council for medical adaptations. This allows us to progress aids and adaptations to tenants’ homes which enables them to live there as long as possible.

The type of adaptations that the Association would install include:

  • Over-bath showers
  • Level access showers
  • Wet floor bathrooms (ground floor only)
  • Non-slip floor coverings
  • Handrails
  • Door entry systems

This list is not exhaustive and if you feel that you would benefit from a medical adaptation, you should contact a member of the maintenance team who will be happy to provide advice on how this could be progressed.

What You Should Expect From Us

  • You should expect to be treated courteously when reporting a repair
  • You should be advised that your repair has been recorded and given the opportunity to provide suitable access arrangements
  • You should be advised if the repair you are reporting qualifies under the Right to Repair Scheme.

Annual Gas Safety Checks

The Association has a legal obligation to carry out annual gas services and safety checks to all properties with gas installations. We have a duty to ensure that the gas appliances and flues provided for our tenants’ use are maintained in a safe condition at all times.