You are responsible for taking care of the property. This responsibility includes internal decoration and floor coverings. You must also keep the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness.

You must also:

  • report any damage or repairs required to your home or external areas as soon as possible.  Failure to result in reporting repairs timeously may result in you being charged for any subsequent damage that occurs as a result.
  • Treat your home and external common areas with respect .
  • Provide access to allow us to carry out inspections and repairs and also other services required such as Annual Gas Service.
  • Be responsible for your property and visitors to your property.  If you, any member of your household or a visitor to your property causes damage to your home or external areas, you must pay the cost of repairing that damage.

You are also responsible for carrying out the following minor repairs:

  • Plugs and chains on sanitary ware
  • Replacement of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes within your property

Please make sure that you have full contents insurance, which covers risks such as fire, flood and leaking water pipes. You can suffer severe financial loss if you do not have insurance or enough cover. Please contact the office to find out about affordable contents insurance by This Insurance or ask us to send out a pack.

Rechargeable Repairs

Tenants are informed of their repair responsibilities when they sign their tenancy agreement and these responsibilities are also outlined in our Repairs Policy and on this website. Tenants will be recharged for any damage caused to Association property caused wilfully, accidentally or negligently by tenants, anyone living in the household or a visitor to the property.

Examples of rechargeable repairs are listed below (this list is not exhaustive and serves as an example only):

  • Replacing lost or broken keys (including any costs incurred through forcing entry)
  • Damage to glass, sinks or sanitary ware
  • Damage to windows, walls or doors
  • Blocked sinks/drains where the tenant has been responsible for this blockage, e.g. by use of baby wipes flushed down the toilet or grease being put down sink drains etc.

Where the damage has occurred as a result of vandalism, provided that the tenant has reported it to the police (and a crime reference number has been obtained) a rechargeable repair will not normally be raised.

When a tenant notifies the Association of the intention to end their tenancy, an inspection will be carried out by Association staff to determine the condition of the property and identify and repairs that may be required. If any items are identified that are considered the responsibility of the tenant, the tenant will be given the choice of arranging the repairs using their own Contractor before the tenancy end date or agreeing that the Association will carry out the work on a rechargeable basis.

For more detail, please refer to the Association’s Rechargeable Repairs Policy.